Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp...the Final Phase

That title sounded kind of Star Trek-y didn't it? Believe it or not I meant it to-because this plan is out of this world *cheese ball alert!* I have been nothing short of amazed.

Amazed at how quickly 8 weeks went by;
Amazed that I have managed to sneak in almost every.single.workout;
Amazed that my body was able to accomplish almost every.single.workout;
Amazed that each phase threw me for a loop, made me groan, and then made me grin;

And best of all...
Amazed that I am in the best shape (ever) less than a year post baby!
I love them!!

This is NOT the type of picture I would normally post, but I thought maybe some #proof was in order here. I mean seriously, I have guns biceps.  Of course they were always there and I've always considered myself somewhat strong (for a chick!) but I can't believe what I see when I flex now. And we haven't even been doing dedicated bicep work. That's the beauty of the plan to me. All the moves are very functional and sequenced in a way that you get in, get out and get the job done in the time you have. Which, for a busy mom is perfect!

Here's another great thing...Round 3 of BBB just opened. I highly recommend checking it out. It's the most bang for my buck, fitness-wise, I've ever gotten. Of course you get out what you put in but the facebook group and great motivation/advice they provide will be there for the days you feel down. Sometimes just reading a few of their comments got me headed in the right direction.

Half marathon training has been fitting right in as well. I use the 2 cardio segments of BBB as my short runs, doing the interval work prescribed and using the 'cardio of choice' day for the long run listed in my training plan. I finally made that 6.5 mile run and felt awesome about it. 2 short walk breaks and still gas left in the tank at the end.

It didn't hurt one bit that the weather was perfect, I was the only one out there, and the new sports complex where I ran had nice (open!) bathrooms to look forward to at the end ;-) And check out this awesome sign they had hanging at the entrance to the ball fields. Great advice!! It 's unfortunate they felt the need to do this, but at least it was done in a cute, funny way. Kudos.

I mentioned before that I will probably take the BBB plan and go through it again. I'm in the middle of a little and much-needed break from 6 day/week workouts, but when I get back on track that is what I'll do. It's the type of plan you could repeat, make a few modifications to suit your style, and never get bored.

Bottom line-sign up. And Thank You Tina!! I only wish warm weather would stick around a little longer so I can sell some tickets to the gun show! Haha!

Just because she's so darn cute!

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  1. Check out those muscles!!!

    I can't believe how fast it went by either. I loved it! I'm definitely going to do another round if she offers a 4th round. I decided to wait the next round out just because of how much I have going on in the 8 weeks but it was truly a fabulous program!

    Great job on the half training and CONGRATS on th 6.5 miles. I hit the 4 mile mark recently. The new distances are proud moments!