Thursday, September 6, 2012


Lately I've been making a lot of posts that are reminders to myself, but I hope can also serve as reminders to anyone out there in reader land. I feel like this one is pretty important: learning to take a compliment. And learning to give them as well.

Most of us (I'm talking to you, ladies!) are hard on ourselves. We're surrounded by visions of perfection. For example, a few promises of magazine covers just sitting around my house:

Look 7 Years Younger
Drop a Jeans Size
20-Minute Dinners

And what about the typical 'Get Great Abs', 'Organize Your Whole House', 'Make This Thanksgiving the Best Ever', blah, blah-you know you read them. Or at least scan them in line at the grocery store and think "Why don't I try to make this the best Thanksgiving ever? My family deserves that." Of course they do, but that's a lot of pressure, especially when most would be happy with pizza!

I was actually reminded of this thanks to the hubs. He's not a man of words (he is from Mars after all!) but somehow mentioned he thinks he has become a 'leg man'. I frowned when I heard this and replied Too bad-that's my worst feature. And I have honestly always thought that. I have thick thighs that keep me from finding pants that fit in any decent way and calves that make me buy boots with the stretch panels so I can zip them. But then he surprised me by saying "I actually think they're your best."

Huh. I had no idea. Normally this is where we say-you're crazy, and walk away. But instead I kissed him, said Thank You and spent a few minutes trying to see what he sees. And you know what, they're not half bad. They carried me through pregnancy, plenty of running lately, and man BBB sure is working them!

My legs aren't even in this pic, but you get the point!!
He probably has no idea how profound that moment was for me. That is part of the beauty of it.

Of course you should be paying yourself a compliment every now and again, but doesn't it always mean more coming from someone else? Try paying one to a random person each day too. That girl with the cute shoes-tell her she has great taste. The one at the gym with the killer biceps-tell her you hope to have guns like that. And don't forget the ones around you...just mention every now again that your husband/bf has a cute butt or maybe it'll make more of an impact to say that he knows more about college football than anyone you know!

You just may brighten someone's day...or make them take a second look at something they've been doubting. Oh-and the next time someone pays you a compliment, smile and say thank you. And then believe it.

What's the best compliment you've been paid lately?

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  1. This is so true. I'm learning to take compliments but it's not easy. A few people have mentioned that they notice my weightloss and my response is similar to, "Thanks but I still have a ways to go." It's like I'm half accepting it. I need to learn to say, "Thank you" and that's it.

    And it's funny you mention your hubby complimenting your legs. TJ told me the other day he thought I had nice legs. I hate my legs. Like you, I think I have thick thighs and I'm not a fan. I have noticed they are looking better than they used (thank you running) and my calves are becoming a bit more defined, but I'm still not happy with them. This was not a compliment I took graciously. I'm working on it.

    Great post girl!