Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mom Without Baby-A Day in Pics

I am lucky enough that my MIL and SIL live nearby and are usually fighting each other to take G whenever the need arises. In fact, G gets to play hookie from school most Fridays to stay home with her Aunt and she has even spent a few nights away too.

Grammi and G at her first WV Mountaineer game!
But this weekend she left early Sunday morning and didn't return until Monday evening. So-what's a mom to do without a wanna-be-walking, I prefer attention at all times, almost toddler, scrambling up her leg or climbing anything else in sight? Well, here is what I did-in pictures (and captions!) pretty much in order of my crazy (somehow busier than when G's here!) day.

Baked bread!
Make 3 kinds of protein/snack bars!
Made a mess, and then cleaned it up!
4 mile run...
Went shopping for myself, came home with G's birthday dress instead!
Took these goofballs for extra walks-beautiful day!
Hard wood=Hard work!! This literally takes hours!
Rolled coins for G's bank account...while eating ice cream and watching Project Runway! :)
There were a few other things, like grocery getting (ugh!), laundry and general tidying up, but for this Type A chic a very productive and anxiety reducing day!! It was great to knock out some chores but I miss my baby girl. So do the puppies, they are pacing around wondering why G has been missing for so long, it's very cute. She'll be back soon and then the fun can begin again!

Happy G in the stands at the game!


  1. I love Project Runway!

    Seems like a productive day!

    BTW....I can take some of that bread and protein bars off your hands. ;)

    Or you can just send me the recipes. lol

  2. Haha-as if there wasn't something else I should have been doing besides baking bread! Who do I think I am, Martha Stewart?! I need to do a post on the protein bars I'm addicted to-so easy!