Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gwyn's World: 5 months

Part of the reason for this blog is to document all the goings-on in Gwyn's World. She turned 5 months old last week and I thought it appropriate to mention everything new. Of course I didn't have this for the first 4 months so I can't say exactly, but generally this is what's up with her!
She's just a happy baby, that hasn't changed I just wanted to get it out there! She has two little teeth on the bottom which I've been trying to get a pic of for the past month since they sprouted. So far they have eluded me! I also think a few more are on the way with the way she's been chewing & drooling lately. It's fine with me if they wait since I'm still nursing-yikes!

She also discovered her feet recently and when sitting up *still with help) immediately dives for them.
That's all great until we're in the bath!! Speaking of-she adores her rubber ducky and splashing around. It's hard to get the real business done, but we do have fun.

Gwyn started eating some solids a few weeks back. So far she hasn't refused any fruit or veg offered (here's hoping she isn't a picky eater like daddy!). I do think those women at daycare are magicians though as they are the only ones able to get her to eat cereal.
She literally turns her head when anyone at home tries...oh well. I am contemplating Baby Led Weaning where you give them fully cooked (mushy) pieces of real food and let them go...play, eat, squish, toss, whatever, instead of grinding it up. I'm not explaining it well, but I will do better if we decide to try it. You're not supposed to start that until at least 6 months so we'll see.

I also have to mention that she LOVES her puppies! :)

Nallah (pictured) & Jack love her too-until the first time she gets a handful of fur-then they may change their tune!! For now all parties are very curious and interested in each other. It's super fun to watch!

So, that's Gwyn at 5 months:
  • 2 teeth
  • some cereal, fruit & veg
  • rolls over (in her sleep!)
  • grabs, holds & pulls everything near (ouch!)
  • loves-rubber ducky, her puppies & her feet
Something new happens every day though so I'm sure I'll be updating much more than at monthly milestones.

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