Monday, August 20, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp Update

Well kids, we've made it to the halfway point of Best Body Bootcamp. Hard to believe it's been 4 weeks already. To me, this is the sign of a great program since I am anything but bored and I continue to see results. Tina just announced there will be round 3 (yay!) so check it out if you're interested!

This week we continued tempo workouts, but changed the counts holding the contraction portion for 4 seconds. Sounds like a short amount of time, right? I challenge you to do some squats like this-2 counts to lower, hold for 4 (no cheating!), 2 counts back up. Now do that 10 more times. And then do 3 sets of that. Yeah-no joke!

Running went really well this week. I completed the workouts as written-even though I worried about the 5/5 intervals I ran a full 4 miles at speeds I wouldn't typically attempt. That is what I'm loving most about BBB, it's pushing my preconceived thoughts of what my abilities are. 

It was 57 degrees and I'm still dripping with sweat-hot!
I've been saying for awhile that if I would just get out of my own way, I'd be further along with my half marathon training and I think this program is helping me do that. Thanks Tina!! I managed another 4 miler on Sunday as my cardio of choice, so back on track with the training program.

We also set 2 goals each week as part of BBB. I haven't really been talking about mine, and apparently I need to so that I hold myself accountable. I decided on a 2 minute plank a day. I did get 6 of these but in the middle of one I realized I hadn't started my timer and I'll be damned if I was starting over!!!

My 2nd goal was to hike from my basement office to the fourth floor via the stairs at least once a day. I chose this because there is only one bathroom in the basement and the only other one I care to use is located on the 4th floor. I drink a lot, therefore I pee a lot; there are at least 25 women to this one bathroom-easy goal to meet thanks to mother nature. And I must say it's getting easier (when I don't wait to long to go!)

The hubs and I also kicked off a challenge for us-30 days of Clean Eating. I generally eat this way, but there are a lot of non-clean convenience foods that make it into the house each week. The more educated I become about food and the food-like products we consume, the more important this becomes to me. Day 1 is in the books so I'll keep talking about our struggles and how we're coping throughout the month. I'm sure there will be lots of positives to talk about as well. So-help me out:

What is your favorite clean eating snack?


  1. The 5 floor bathroom trek sounds like a two-for. Does it count as Kiegels too? One of these days I will stop just reading about your physical accomplishments and attempt My own.

  2. You are doing fabulous and I am TOTALLY jealous of your 57 degree running weather. High 50's and 60's are perfect temps for running for me. Come on December. haha!

    I love your goals. I do a plank every day but it's not 2 minutes. I've worked up to around a minute in the last few days and am refusing to do anything under that now.

    Keep up the great work!