Thursday, August 23, 2012

Word of the Day: Compromise

This post will be short and sweet. No fancy photo collages, no links to other sites just a lesson to myself. Compromise is good. Do it. Daily. Repeatedly throughout the day if you must.

I mean that as a noun, not a verb. So I'm not saying to compromise something-like your morals, but to make compromises-to keep your sanity. According to Webster: Something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things.

I'm an admitted Type A personality-all the way. I like plans, I like to stick to plans, and I get anxious and edgy when said plans take a detour. Yes, I know, I'm no fun. The hubs tells me that ALL the time! But that is was me. The new mom me however, is quickly seeing that if I do not learn to compromise I will always be edgy and anxious and never truly enjoy anything.

Bottom line, get over yourself and get on with enjoying life (this is a lesson to myself remember-don't take offense!). Trade folding the laundry for 30 extra minutes of sleep, trade the clean breakfast you forgot with the leftover pizza you found in the fridge at work, trade an hour on the treadmill for a quick run up the (long, hilly) driveway so you can spend extra time with a baby who's firsts are passing too fast to count, trade making long posts to read in bed next to your favorite guy.

Setting the bar high is a good thing. Setting the bar so high that you are disappointed regularly is emotional suicide. Take a deep breath and say it with me...compromise is good. Feel better? I do. Now please excuse me while I follow my own advice!

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  1. This, short and sweet to-the-point post is FABULOUS! You are SO right on these. I am constantly telling myself that when a plan doesn't work out, it's OK. I to am learning, but being a planner is what I do best. haha