Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gwyn's World: 10 Month Update

Ok-so I'm a few days late with this post, but hey, that's the life of a new mom right? Here's a random thought-when do you stop calling yourself a 'new mom'? Everything about her will be new to me so will I always be a new mom, or just until another one comes along, or just until I don't freak out at all the little things? Does that actually happen? Just curious.

If you want to catch up, here are G's other monthly updates:

We had our 9 Month check up with the pediatrician, Little G-as her cousins call her, weighs in at over 20 lbs now. See why I need Best Body Bootcamp?! Girl can eat too. I often have to be careful how much goes in front of her at once since she'll pack it in like a little chipmunk!

I just love how blue her eyes look here!
Still only 6 teeth, but I'm thinking I see the beginning of two more on the bottom. She's got a horrible little cold going on right now, all stuffy and snotty. It's the first sickness she's had so she's getting babied, of course. In fact, she's asleep in our bed right now, some cuddling is in order.

I've known that she's been close to crawling and/or walking for a few weeks now but because she works so hard at standing I really didn't know what would come first. Of course I told you already that she gave me a birthday present by crawling for the first time at Grammi's. She does it often now, but also works very hard at standing and cruising so I'm sure it'll be short lived. She likes to stop, sit back up and clap for herself, it makes for a long trek across the floor but a great video!

Time to practice my action shots!
Hmm, more firsts...her first real swing. They have some at school, but not like this. G seemed scared at first...until I pushed her higher, then she laughed hysterically. It seems like I may have a little thrill seeker on my hands. Finally, someone to ride roller coasters with me! She had a short-lived phase of sticking out her tongue, and can you believe I didn't get a picture of that?! Now she's into pointing. Maybe I'll catch that one!

One of my favorite things is to watch her 'dance', she just sort of bobs. It's gonna be even cuter when she can stand and do it! Oh-and the all out belly laughs, I just can't get enough of those. I'll make a complete fool of myself in public just to hear it!

She is the driving force behind almost everything I do these days, and I imagine it will be that way for a loooong time. I suppose that's why parents have such a hard time with empty nests? Can't think about that now!

10 Month Update:

  • 20+ lbs
  • 12 month clothes
  • Crawling, almost pulling up
  • Eats anything you put in front of her (except pasta-still!)
  • Has a 'word' for Jack the puppy
  • LOVES: trying to walk, making people laugh, her reflection, music

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  1. What a cutie! I have know idea when you're not a new mom anymore. That's a good question. lol. Belly laughs in babies are my favorite. She is getting so big and is as adorable as ever!