Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gwyn's World: 7 Months

Gwyn's World: 7 Month Update

I really love writing these posts as I get to look back through all my pics and the daily diary I keep for G and it is always amazing how much happens in just one month! She is more fun with each day!

She is constantly 'talking' and trying out new sounds, syllables and decibels. She really likes to hear her own voice! A dada is coming soon, I can feel it. And not just because she is constantly coached by her own Dada to spit it out ;-)

The girl still loves to bounce but is sitting really well now so she also likes to just hang out with toys layed out in front of her. She has some blocks now that she not only enjoys putting in her mouth but also banging together. It is hilarious when she gets excited about anything because her eyes get really big, her feet kick around and she makes a funny little sound.

One of her new favorite playthings has to be her toothbrush, which makes Mama very happy! It is a morning game for us, first I do the real brushing and then she gets to continue to play with it. Let's face it, when you drink milk all day, you need a good mouth brushing in the morning! I hope she always brushes her teeth with such ease *fingers crossed* It's important to start good habits early and they say the health of their baby teeth strongly determines the health of their adult teeth, so I'm also protecting myself from future dental expenses (braces-ugh!)

The puppies continue to be a big hit. In fact, she'll stop eating just to watch Nallah lay in the sun! The first thing we do when she gets up in the morning, and when we get home from school is to kneel down and say hello to them. They get just as excited to see her as she does to see them.

We are still not mobile. She will support her own weight when leaning against something and finds that very exciting, but always acts oh so tired when put on her tummy!! It's the only time she really acts like a drama queen, but she does just that! She kicks around and airplanes a bit, and then (with a big sigh!) lays her head on the floor.

I've been trying for a few weeks to get her to take some water from a sippy cup. We are on the third one and she will at least attempt with this one. With the first two she wanted to play with it but would put it between her teeth and then smile at me around it as if saying, ha ha mom, you really thought I was gonna drink out of this didn't you?

BTW-have you seen this cartoon camera app? How cute, right?! She also adores this little glow worm. She got it from her Aunt Kristi for Christmas, but just recently really started to take notice. Maybe because it has a baby's face since she seems very interested in other kids now too. Time to start working on #2?! What?! ;-)

Month 7 Recap:
  • 6 teeth, definitely all in-just ask my bitten fingers!
  • Almost grown out of all 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
  • Using big girl potty whenever mama is fast enough to get her there in time!
  • Added avocado and egg yolk to BLW
  • LOVES: brushing her teeth, her taggie blanket, watching other kids and having her picture taken

I can't express how happy I am every morning to see this smiling face. One night this week we didn't make it home before she went to bed and I missed her. She was sleeping at the foot of my bed and I still missed her! Life has never been sweeter!

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