Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekends-Road trip with a 7 month old!

With the extended holiday weekend it was our turn to make a trip to MI to visit with my family.

*Let me add a THANK YOU in here for both active military and veterans for Memorial Day. These days have a different meaning around our house with the hubs being a combat vet and both of us working for the VA*

We decided at the last minute to leave on Thursday night in hopes that G would sleep through the trip uneventfully. She did. We arrived very early on Friday morning.

It took her a little while to warm up to Gramma & Grampa again, but once she did life was all good!

This is the view in my parent's backyard now. Kind of disturbing to me. Can you see all of these windmills? I'm all for alternative energy but I also love trees! In the second picture is actually the house I grew up in, years ago I saw all the trees taken down for irrigation machines to go in and now these things go up for electricity generation. Progress? Hmmm.

Anyway, I talked my mom into doing a 5k with me at a local festival. We woke up to stormy skies and I thought she might get out of it-but she didn't even try! We wore matching way-to-bright tops and decided to have fun with it.

G was a trooper in her stroller with Grampa and Daddy while Mommy and Grandma posted good personal times. It's been 10 years since we did one of these together and we both beat those times. Take that Father Time!!! :-) 

By the time we cleaned up and came back to the festival it was hot and humid. We rewarded ourselves with some ice cream. This place had a ton of flavors-all with a little twist. Mine was a delicious salted cashew ice cream with ginger caramel. OMG-I love ginger. So good!

That evening my younger brother and his 3 boys came over to play. It is really fun to see G with other kids. She is totally content to watch everything they can do and just take it all in. My youngest nephew (13 months old) is able to throw a ball and he kept throwing it at G, she'd just pick it up and try to put it in her mouth, but you could tell she was having fun!

Sunday was another family visiting day with my cousin and her three boys stopping by and my aunt and uncle as well. It's so good to get up there and see everyone, especially now that we have G to show off!!

We left bright and early Monday morning hoping G would travel well during the daylight hours. It was hot and I'm sure she got cabin fever like we did, but she was a trooper. She ate her veggies right from these awesome packets. I squirted it right into her mouth and we made a game of it. Note to self (and other moms traveling with little ones): always travel with these!!!

Weekends always go too quickly, but weekends spent with people I love and miss go even faster. Can't wait to have the whole crew here in June for another adventure!

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