Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fitness Friday

I've been trying to figure out a way to get my workouts into posts and have it make sense all mixed in with the baby stuff. I found that I liked the way another blogger I follow does it: Fitness Fridays (check out Food, Fitness, and Family). She is really great about providing versions of her workouts for readers to do; hopefully I'll get there too, but for now I'll just tell you what I've been up to!

This week is more like what I haven't been up to...

Saturday:   5k race with my mom, bested my time from earlier this year :-)
Sunday:     Lots of family time-chasing kids is a workout right?!
Monday:    Stuck in a car for 8+ hours...BOO!
Tuesday:   Lunchtime power walk-hey, I had a hair appointment after work!
Wednesday: Jillian Michaels 30-Day shred before work
Thursday:  3.25 mile walk/run intervals, ab work while on the floor playing with G
Friday:      P90x Core synergistics before work 

I've been trying to find a good post workout snack. I've been using these Myoplex shakes. I need quick, and also portable since I multi-task like a mad woman at night. Any ideas???

I wish I could have gotten a shot of the mess I made in my car when opening this. I have some scrubbing to do this weekend. Why did I have to get the chocolate kind?!

I'm also now addicted to these super simple protein 'pancakes'. 2 base ingredients (egg whites and oatmeal)and then you take it from there.

I've been adding PB2 powder, cinnamon and sometimes for a treat, a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips. I haven't done the nutritional value on these yet so I'll repost as a stand alone recipe once I get all the deets in order. I'll try some different add-ins before that too. I'm a creature of habit so it'll be good for me!

They're pretty filling and take the place of a muffin for me with my morning coffee.

And just because I thought this pic was hilarious...G has decided she does not like broccolli!!! She kept putting it in her mouth though-silly girl!

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