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This week I 're'-started my half marathon training. I downloaded some new music, made some new playlists, got my Garmin and made a schedule. Then everything that had to do with technology went to h-e-double hockey sticks. First my ipod wouldn't sync my new playlists, so I just used it anyway and tried again later. Then it wouldn't sync ANY of my playlists. Phuey. Then I used my Garmin, loved it, synced it to my computer and now it won't charge. Big Phuey.

Basically, I learned that I'm not technologically bright...or patient :(

Anyway-I did get all my workouts in and here's how they looked.

As I said, the plan I'm following has 3 days of running, right now 2 of them are supposed to be 30-45 minutes and a third 'long' run on the weekend of longer distances as the weeks go on.

Monday: Run 30-45 minutes: I did 30 minutes, will do 35 next week, 40 the following, etc. at the same speed and then go back down to 30 minutes at a faster speed.

Tuesday: OFF- we were scheduled to get family pics this night, but they got cancelled due to the rain. I took the time to hang out with G and get some chores done since I had already planned to take the night off.

Wednesday: Bob Harper Inside Out Method, I've already discussed how much I love this workout.

Thursday: Run 30-45 minutes-I was able to leave work early and run outside. I ended up at the complex I lived in when I first moved to WV, it happens to be very near G's daycare and I used to do alot of walking (and a little running) when I lived there so it felt familiar. The fun part is that the first half is all downhill, so you know what the second half is!! I'm glad I pushed to run the entire way up because I got to my car just as it started to downpour! ;-) Someone was telling me something!!

According to MapMyRun (an app I downloaded trying not to have to get a Garmin!) my stats with warm up and cool down were:
Avg Pace

I felt pretty good about this considering the uphill-ness of it! I wanted to show you the route, but I can't seem to copy and paste it. BOO!
Friday: OFF-I have to say it is always hard for me to take days off , but it is also nice!
Saturday: Run 3 miles-Outdoor run with Garmin. It was fun to be able to watch my pace during the run. I'd share my splits, but I can't even get the program to work right now!! I'm pretty sure I did almost exactly the 3 miles my program called for in just over 31 minutes.
Mile 1: 10:30-ish 
Mile 2: 10:30-ish
Mile 3: 10
Here's to hoping I can get it fixed or traded or a new one because it has so many options I didn't even get to read about in the manual yet!!!
Sunday: P90x Yoga-I didn't feel like doing a full strength workout and have been feeling tight lately so I thought this would be a good fit. I always forget how challenging yoga can be. 
So, Week 1 in the books. I sure hope I can get some of these things to work in the coming weeks or this will be more challenging than I thought. 3 miles of random music I can handle...when we get to 5 or 6, I want to know I have the right mix to get me through! :) PS-sorry so bland with no pics, but I'm telling you nothing wants to work for me!

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