Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Starting Over-Sort of

Last time I tried to begin half marathon training it didn't go so well, in fact it really didn't go much of anywhere! I guess it's a good thing the one I plan to do is a good ways off.

Competition Begins In

288 03 44 44
Yeah-that's 288 days, so I think I have enough time to begin again! :) They do include training programs on their website that allow for 6 months of training, so I'm gonna try to follow one of these and see how it goes. It's actually titled "To Finish in the Upright Position." Perfect. Sounds like a good goal to me! The most exciting part to me is that it only includes 3 days/week of running. I really want to be able to do this and still spend lots of time with G so if I really can do this with 3 days/week of training, I will be ecstatic!

 And here is my latest training tool, can I tell you how excited I am?! OK-I'M EXCITED!
I've had a simple heart rate monitor for e past few years so this is going to be a big upgrade for me. And now that I'll be doing at least one run each week outside the data this provides will be very helpful. I'm gonna take a day to figure it out and then test it on Saturday morning. Hopefully I'll have some encouraging data to post! Yes, I said data..I've always called myself a data dork so we'll see just what I can do with this!!
I'm looking forward to getting outside more to run. I've been trapped in the basement for too many months. Although alot of the time I have had a sidekick!

Now that she's more mobile, this really isn't very fair to her either. We'll still have this arrangement one night or so a week and I have a feeling that will become interval training as I jump on and off the treadmill tending to her. I'll have to discover some new ways to keep her occupied ;-)

I have her 7 month update coming soon, lots of changes as you would expect and I'm excited to share!

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  1. I love that your sweet girl will sit in her bouncer while you are on the treadmill. You should see my house... If I can't sneak in the workout when they are not underfoot, then I literally have to barricade the treadmill so my 19month old won't come climbing on it while I run! I use a couch, a loveseat, a wrestling mat sideways, and a few sterelites!