Monday, May 7, 2012

ET & BLW...WTW?!

Most days I feel like my work world is run by acronyms, so I figured why not add some from Gwyn's World to the list! What the What (WTW) is a classic Liz Lemon line from 30 Rock and comes in handy for a swearing substitute, which I generally don't need alot of help with, I just think it's witty and cute. As for the other two: Elimination Training and Baby Led Weaning.

Elimination Training

Some may think this is a little out there, but G has started using her very own big girl potty. When I read about this concept I was not so surprised to learn that the US is one of the few places babies remain in diapers for so long. Diapers are really just a convenience for us, not a necessity for them. Moms in other countries are in constant contact with their babies and get to know their elimination cues very quickly. This is harder for a full-time working mom but we are working on it every weekend.

Babies tend not to go when they sleep but right after they wake, so in the mornings and after naps we sit on the potty, more to get her used to it than anything else right now. But as you can imagine, cues for #2 are alot easier to see and we've been successful with that one a few times now. I feel good about that for her sake since I can only imagine how difficult that is to accomplish while fully clothed!! I'm not expecting that she'll be potty trained next month or even this year, but I think this will help when the time comes.

Baby Led Weaning
I talked about this a little bit before, and we've tried a few more foods now. Besides banana, we've also had avocado, mango and cooked egg yolk. The mango seemed a little strong for her but everything else has been a hit and she really loves the independence of it. If I were here with her all the time we would be doing more of her feedings this way for sure.

I don't know how well I did, but I was trying to capture her new top teeth on film, she has cut 3 and is close to the fourth. This makes her look like a full blown toddler and also gives us a few more options food-wise. These teething biscuits are labeled for 9 month olds, but baby girl gnawed the heck out of one and screamed like I have never heard her scream when I tried to take it away! Definitely only a treat but definitely a hit!

She's also eating jarred food with meat now and we are starting our first week where she probably won't get a breast milk bottle every day. Oh, the freedom!! It's almost time for the 7 month update so there are a few more things to talk about then...

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  1. what a sweet little baby!!!!
    Those teething biscuits have always been much loved by my kids too.. but oh so messy! and when they dry , it's like cement!

    Nice to meet you!
    emily from bloggymoms