Monday, June 4, 2012

Protein Pancakes-recent obsession

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my eating. Partly because once I find things I like it's easy to shop and prepare quickly and partly because I just don't have time for trying new things all the time like I used to. So when I promised I would try a few different add-ins for the protein pancakes I've been eating...I fibbed. I just made them the same old way. And enjoyed them yet again! But ya know what, if ain't broke don't fix it!!

1/2c oats (I've used both old fashioned and quick cook-take your pick)
6 egg whites

That's it. For real. Now use your imagination. Or if you don't want to, try the version I've been making:

1T PB2
1T mini chocolate chips\
1t cinnamon

If you love peanut butter and haven't tried PB2-I highly recommend it. You can eat pb and keep your calories under control, there is a nutrition god! Also, I don't always add the chocolate chips so I'm giving you the nutrition data with and without. I'm just liking them with lately.

I scoop 2T of 'batter' for each pancake and it makes about 6. Just be careful not to overcook or they can get tough-it is mostly eggs after all!!

Protein Pancakes                         (per pancake-makes 6)
 w/o chipswith chips
Protein 55

If you're snacking on a couple the chocolate chips aren't going to cut into your calorie count too badly...if you're eating all six as breakfast (or watching sugar intake) you may want to skip, or reduce to 1t instead.

I really do want to try some other versions, I'm thinking dried cranberries with walnuts or shredded apples with pecans?? I have a bad habit of wanting needing something sweet with my morning coffee and these usually serve as a good substitute for something less nutritional. I've been contemplating giving up the coffee just for this reason. 4am workouts have been making that tough though!!

I imagine you could try savory add-in as well. Maybe next weekend...

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