Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekends-Father's Day

We had two celebrations to make around here this weekend: the hubs had a b-day on Saturday followed by his first Father's Day on Sunday. I got up early on Saturday (ok- I always get up early!) and since I can't go for my usual run I made him breakfast.

Since we're at the point in our lives when you don't necessarily want to advertise you're a year older, that was about the extent of the celebration. I guess I made his favorite buffalo pizza for dinner but it tastes better than it looks so no pics! We have company coming this next weekend so I spent the day cleaning and playing with G.
She visited with her Grami on Sunday morning and there was a flurry of activity around here as we tried to finish up last minute items. I had wanted to hit the Farmer's Market (failed attempt #2!) but I literally did not stop moving all morning. I did manage to squeeze in 30 minutes on the elliptical. My ankle feels good and it's hard to stay off the treadmill but I'm giving it the full 2 weeks rest hoping that will be the end of it!!

In the afternoon we had a few family members over for some simple hot dogs on the grill and letting G entertain us. She got her daddy a gift but was way more interested in the tissue paper than anything else going on.

This was serious business for about 20 minutes! It was a very low key couple of days, which is how I prefer it. We accomplished a lot and were worn out after :-) Mondays always come too quick.

I am looking forward to this next weekend though, because my whole family is visiting from MI-that means 10 people in my house!!! Well, maybe. More on that later.

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