Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! I had no idea this existed...did you? I think there may be a "day" for everything now, I mean national donut day was recently too-although I will admit to being acquainted with that one ;-) Who doesn't love a free donut, right?!

But a day dedicated to promoting the benefits of running is pretty cool. Maybe if I had known about it I would have planned my week to run today, but it happened yesterday instead. My MIL stays with G every Tuesday so it is a perfect opportunity for a baby-free, worry-free, treadmill-free run.

I had left my Garmin charger in MI and it just arrived back here (compliments of my sweet mama!) so I decided to try a new place. It was a cloudy 60 degrees and pretty breezy. Time to get used to running in the elements! I went for time today-35 minutes-and managed 3.35 miles. Not great, not horrible-but complete. Sometimes that's all you hope for.

It's hard to tell from the picture but this is part of the new recreation park where I ran. It has a one mile paved loop around it. It isn't complete yet but these ball fields are really nice and the rumor is that we'll be getting more fields and a minor league team to go with them!! This is great news for me because #1-I love to watch (live) baseball, #2-I love the potential of having things like that to take G to and #3-I own a townhouse across the road and this can only help being able to keep it rented!

Speaking of G, she got this new piano over the weekend and she is LOVING it! I think babies this age love everything that makes noise, but I can be hopeful that she'll be musically inclined!

She's also starting in with new sounds-we've mastered dada and have moved on to baba and now vava. That one is really cute because she puts those two big front teeth over her lower lip to get it out! Wow- 8 month update coming next week already!

Keep on running-even if it's after the ice cream truck. :-)

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  1. I didn't run on NRD either but did the day before and the day after so that counts right? Keep up the awesome work!! I know it will pay off!!