Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gwyn's World: 8 months

Oh my, 8 months the time flies! This big girl continues to amaze me with how quickly she learns new things, I guess that is her full time job right now but still. She really enjoys standing and has been caught trying to pull herself up in her 'crib'.

Speaking of, anyone else think Baby Girl has outgrown sleeping in the pack 'n play? I so wanted to try her in her real crib upstairs this weekend but she went on a bit of a sleep strike both Friday and Saturday nights. She lay between her daddy and I talking until hours past her usual bedtime. Thank goodness she chose the weekend!!

She loves to screech and loves it even more if you screech right back at her. The way her little legs are constantly kicking let me know that the minute she gets mobile I will be on the run non-stop. I'm taking advantage of every last day of having her staying put while I work around her! We keep thinking she going to start a scoot instead of a crawl but she just goes directly over to her belly instead. She doesn't hate it like she used to though!

She doesn't mind if you put a basket full of toys in front of her and go about your own business, in fact sometimes I think she prefers it. Although she thoroughly enjoys interaction, she's content on her own; I hope this is also a sign of things to come. I think it has a lot to do with being at school 5 days a week where the teachers are responsible for several kids and can't give full time attention. It's good training for having a younger sibling!

We've finally found a few foods that she does not enjoy. I shared the funny broccoli pic with you already, but now I also have a video of her refusing baby food pasta. I tried two different flavors with the same reaction: gagging, spitting and a face like she sucked on a lemon. I thought maybe it was the texture since we moved to Stage 3 jarred foods, but she hasn't minded others-just pasta. I thought pasta was a universally safe food. I've never met someone who said they didn't like it in some form!

No new teeth, even though I was sure she was getting more a few weeks ago. Apparently all the snot and drool is just allergies. She did discover wet raspberries this week and has to have her clothes changed at least once a day at school due to the front being soaked in spit. She has also started to put her mouth on my bare arm and make fart sounds. HILARIOUS! Until she bit me. She also scratched the inside of my mouth and nose; she is obsessed with grabbing faces-and pulling. Ouch-who knew someone so small could have such a grip!

8 Month Update:
  • About 18.5 lbs according to home scale
  • Wearing 9 mo. clothes and size 3 diapers
  • Really needs to start sleeping in her real crib!
  • Dislikes pasta and broccoli
  • LOVES: Her inflatable tub/pool, blocks, being upside down and watching Blues Clues with Daddy
She says dada constantly but has yet to get to mama. Her Grami swears she is saying hi now too. Before I know it she'll be giving her valedictorian speech :-)

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