Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekends & WILT

M.I.A.-that is where I feel like I've been the past week. So-for the three of you that read this, I apologize ;-) I've honestly been a bit overwhelmed lately, I look around and think "I'll never get it all done, so why even start". I had time to blog last night but chose to lay in bed and catch up on Grey's Anatomy (can I just say that I hate season finales?!)

It all started with the weekend, who isn't excited when it finally gets here, right? I got up early and went for a run, I was even happy after that since it was my first 4-miler off the treadmill.*pats self on back*

  • 4 miles
  • 00:41 time
  • 10:15 pace  

  • And then I got home. And started to limp around. My ankle had been feeling a bit sore for a while but nothing big; then it hurt all day Saturday and I started to worry I was getting a stress fracture-I know jump right to the worst conclusion!

    The hubs and I had decided to go on a 'date': early lunch (so early we had to eat breakfast!) and matinee (have you seen movie prices!?). I begged for this one:

    Bust. Disappointed. Hours wasted. Adding to my bad feeling for the day. So we came home, did chores and hung out with G.

    Sunday I had big plans to take G with me to run to what is the biggest drain of my checking account:

    Then to the Farmer's Market and after for groceries. I thought it would be fun. Not so much. G is a good baby, a great baby actually, but she isn't quite big enough to be comfortable in the seat of the cart so she was a bit fussy. In fact she chewed up the Elmo book I had (thankfully) already planned to buy her. Love those Target $1 bins!! :-)

    One of the things I had intended on picking up at the Bullseye was a simple collapsible stroller so I didn't even pack our big one. I forgot it, checked out, changed G in the restroom, realized there was no way I could pee without a stroller to put her in-duh, I was supposed to have bought one!

    Now carrying bags and a baby I ran back in the store searching the baby department and simply did not see one. I gave up quickly (I had to pee!!) and left. So now the Farmer's Market is out unless I want to carry her around-no. And I'm getting crankier knowing I still have to get groceries. I hate getting groceries. And...I STILL HAVE TO PEE!!! Needless to say, I omitted anything non-essential and got home as quickly as possible.

    The saving grace was a family nap where G slept between us after entertaining us by making fart sounds on my arm. This is her new trick and she loves to make daddy laugh with it!

    So here's what I learned this weekend: There really is no such thing as done, especially in the world of a new mom. And that taking things in stride is a serious gift. One that I wish I had inherited, but hope to learn instead. Thanks for sticking with me! And yes, I realize that it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting about the weekend. Don't judge.

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    1. CONGRATS on your first 4 mile run on the pavement! That's an accomplishment! I didn't want to hear Snow White and the Huntsman was bad. I wanted to see that. LOL! But I guess now I don't have to spend the money on the tickets. I'm with you on movie ticket prices. They are crazy expensive. When we lived in Beaufort, SC, the theater we went to was &7.50 per ticket ($6.50 with our military discount) and the drive-in was $5.00 per person and you were able to see two movies. Then we moved to Savannah and tickets are $10. That's crazy.

      Target is also wallet drainer for me too. I worked there for 8 years and learned to pace myself until I stopped working there and didn't go every day. All that pacing and waiting out for the sales and clearance is out the window when you don't have a heads up on the sales anymore. LOL!