Friday, April 20, 2012

Gwyn's World: 6 Months

Gwyn's World: 6 Month Update

I can't even believe it's time for this post! Maybe that's why I am a whole week late in writing it. I'm so amazed at how time has flown, and yes, I was warned over and over by other parents but you honestly don't realize it until you experience it.

So, what is new with G? First, she LOVES to bounce! :) She is now able to touch the floor in her bouncy seat and will gladly spend hours (yes, hours!) happily jumping and screeching in delight. In fact, she doesn't even have to be in her bouncy seat, she'll jump around anywhere.

We've also continued to do a little of the baby led weaning. G seems to really enjoy the independence of this. So far, we've only tried a few fruits and they are always slippery suckers, which can be frustrating. Most usually end up lost in her high chair somewhere but she still has fun and you can tell how proud she is of herself when she succeeds.
She still hasn't refused any food we've tried and I even made up a few containers of homemade baby food last weekend (with help from my mom-thanks mom!). Although her pediatrician did say to back off the orange veggies since he thought she looked a little orange-WHAT? Has anyone ever noticed just how many of the veggies out there for babies are orange? Aside from green beans and peas it's a little limited so I may have to make some more of my own.

She is getting very good with her pincer grip though and is definitely interested in how her hands work. She'll watch them for entertainment and is beginning to wave. She's also been enjoying some of the baby cereal puffs that dissolve so there's no need for chewing. This was a 'treat' from Grandpa Jon when he was here last week and I think they were a hit!

Oh yeah, and the other day I set her bottle on the high chair tray in front of her and walked away for a moment to grab something and came back to this!!! I was shocked, impressed and a little sad all at once. I knew she could hold it herself but to pick it up, get it in her mouth and hold it all in the few seconds I wasn't looking was pretty amazing.

We're transitioning to formula now and are at 50/50 formula/breast milk throughout the day. In fact, we're not nursing at all anymore (that is an entire post itself!) Long story short, I'm happy and sad about it but she honestly doesn't seem to care and I am definitely happy about that!
Oh yeah-and she's almost cut ALL FOUR of her top teeth!! I only saw one coming for awhile and thought she was going to look a little goofy but in no time the rest appeared and though fussy (for her) she has been pretty darn good for getting them all at once.

So Gwyn at 6 months:
  • 2 bottom teeth visible and cute!
  • 4 top cutting through
  • loves all fruit & veg tried and is enjoying BLW
  • adores hands (hers and everyone elses) and is starting to wave
  • loves: her bouncy seat, putting her feet in her mouth and piggy sounds (it's one of the few things that make her laugh-who knew?!)
Love you baby girl!!

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