Monday, April 16, 2012


WILT...Week in Workouts

This week I'm posting the workouts I completed and a few things learned from or during them. All in all not a bad week, only one hiccup! :)

Sunday     Run 4 miles (41 minutes)

Monday    Bob Harper -Inside Out Method (45 minutes)
  • This is a tough one to make it all the way through, so I set a time limit and do my favorite moves until I reach it.
  • My favorite move in this workout is the Down & Outs (with push-up) to bicep curl, shoulder press. It gets your heart beating and hits so many muscle groups. In fact, you could do a few sets of these when pressed for time and feel like you did some good for your body!
  • To Do: Lower into squat, placing weights on floor in front of you. Jump back to plank position and perfrom one push up. Jump feet back in and return to standing. Lift weights toward shoulders in a bicep curl, turn palms to face out while pressing over head. Reverse to starting position.
Tuesday   Run 3.5 miles (36 minutes)
  • I mouth the words to my music. I always have, it helps keep me going. But I need to curtail it so people don't think I'm crazy when I start running outside, or when I run the Earth Day 5k in a few weeks!
Wednesday  Off
  • This was my scheduled day off since my Mom & Dad arrived here from MI that afternoon.
Thursday     Run 3.2 miles
  • I'm trying not to run any distance shorter than this so I feel confident in finishing my upcoming 5k.  
Friday          P90x Core Synergistics
P90X Core Synergistics
  • I enjoy this workout; it's tough enough to feel like I'm making progress but not so tough that I feel completely burnt out after. Plus I know it's importatnt to have a strong core for so many reasons in life, not just to have a (relatively!) flat stomach.
  • My favorite move in this workout is the Lunge & Reach. Again, it works several muscel groups, gets your heart pounding and is totally real-world. Meaning it's a move you might actually perform in your real life!
  • To Do: Hold a light weight in both hands. Pivot to the left, lunging and reaching weight to left foot. Stand up pivoting to the right and lifting weight across body extending arms above head. Repeat reps and repeat on opposite side.
Saturday      Off
  • Laziness. I was scheduled to run but I didn't have time before we went on a family road trip and by the time we returned I was tired and a bit nauseous after some rolling, curving WV roads! Mark this one up to poor planning.

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