Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekend with the Folks

I'm getting bad about posting things in a 'timely' fashion! Honestly, time is not something I have in abundance these days so I'm happy to get anything out there! On top of dishes, laundry, working out, preparing food, and then everything baby, even sleep can get squeezed out of the picture!

Anyway, I live about 500 miles from my immediate family. That has always been hard, but now with G here it's even harder-on all of us. So when we do get to visit we try to take advantage of every minute. This time it was Mom & Dad's turn to make the trip to WV. This was 2 weeks ago, when the weather was it's practically winter again :-(

We went to a park near the townhouse I bought when I first moved here. Unfortunately for me (and Nallah) this little park did not exist when we lived here. We often walked the sidewalk and the looong gradual hill in the background though!

Little G hates wearing her sunglasses, but how cute does she look in them...seriously! It was a perfect spring day and I wish I had the opportunity to take her out more like this. I really want her to enjoy and appreciate nature and wildlife.
This is such a beautiful state and there are plenty of places I haven't seen yet, so I look forward to taking her along and experiencing them together.

Grandma & Grandpa insisted on getting her a walker for her 6 month birthday. Although she can't touch the floor yet so it's more of a play seat-gotta be honest, I'm kinda grateful for that!! She's gonna be scooting all over the place in this thing in NO time! Oh yeah, and grandpa was asleep on the couch behind her-she really can wear you out ;-)

We also visited a (somewhat) nearby zoo. We thought it was going to be another nice day, but it was quite windy and chilly and no one was dressed for that. Poor G had to peek at the animals from around the blanket we surrounded her with! Needless to say it was a quicker than planned trip due to the weather. Don't worry G, we have plenty of these guys right outside...and the raccoons too. Yes, I do mean that we have bears-not these big daddies but they are definitely out here and we have the tracks to prove it! They even got into our garbage the other day. It makes me nervous to think that one was right next to the house-yikes!

G also got her first, of what I foresee will be many tractor rides with Daddy. Her favorite color will soon be John Deere green! Red heads look good in green!

I can't say enough about how great it always is to spend time with my folks. They are tremendous people, parents and role models. I hope one day G looks at me the way I look at them, that would be the ultimate compliment. Can't wait to see you guys again soon...this time in MI!!

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