Sunday, April 1, 2012

W(hat) I L(earned) T(his)...

WILT-Or What I Learned This...Maybe those dots will be followed by this week, this month, this Wednesday, or whatever strikes. I just think it's good to reflect sometimes and I did learn alot this week so for the first time may I present:

  • Monday-Slow cookers are fantastic inventions and mine is terribly underused. I threw some pork loin, bbq and veg in before work, then some rice and pineapple for 30 minutes later and voila-an actual meal!! One that we were able to eat again later in the week and I still had leftovers to freeze. Note to self: find more healthy slow cooker recipes ASAP.
  • Tuesday-Gwyn has a mean left hook. One of her new things is slamming her hands up and down as hard as she can. Let's just say Grami Rita got to experience it first hand.
  • Wednesday-Spinach in a smoothie is good. No, really. Not as in, "I love that spinach smoothie", but as in, you don't taste it at all so why not amp up your veg intake in yummy drink form? I'm really bad at getting any calories before getting to work (when I've already been up 3 hours!) so these are great make-aheads for me. Recipes later.
  • Thursday-I still have new mom brain because somewhere I wrote down what I learned on Thursday and now can't find it, so I guess really I learned something entirely different!
  • Friday-I need to start logging my meals again. I think I've gotten carried away with the mindless snacking at work lately and it's time to reign it in. has always been my go to of choice.
  • Saturday-My new F word is flexible. You know what? Life happens-and it often messes with the best laid plans, sometimes you just have to go with it. I skipped my run tonight because I was plain tired-but I did sub with a shorter elliptical session, and darn it, that's ok!!
  • Sunday-I can run 4.5 miles. This is not much to some, and certainly nowhere near 13.1 but it's the furthest for me in a very long time, and considering I was hoping to manage half that when I started the treadmill I'm pretty encouraged.
And yes, my ipod really is that old! This is with 4 minute (each) warm up and cool down. I don't run fast, but I get it done! Even with the skipped interval run I got over 12 miles in this week.

All in all, I'd call it a good week. I spent alot of time in the kitchen today so maybe I'll post some recipes next time. The girls that write the blogs I read take Ah-mazing food pics. Like I-want-to eat-the-turkey-sandwich-they-had-for-lunch-right-off-the-page good! So there's a new goal-take better pics for the blog :-)

But you can't get there without practice so I'll start by just taking some to go with the recipes. I've been tweaking a few from a site I like called The Gracious Pantry. It's a really nice resource for all things clean eating and I've only been making minor changes to fit my palate. I'm easing myself into the clean eating thing; summer is a good time for me to make a real effort as salads and juicy fruits are all I ever want once it's hot. Well, and the occasional cold brew which I am SO looking forward to having again this summer, in moderation of course ;-)  

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