Sunday, April 8, 2012



This week for WILT... instead of talking about what I learned each day, though I undoubtedly did, I also found a consistent theme. PLANNING. Sometimes it sounds like a bad word, probably because it takes effort, but my goodness does it pay off on the other end!

I never used to do anything without at least having a plan in my head, and more often than not, on paper too. I needed to  know what the hours of my day held, or the miles of my trip, or the minutes of my workout. But lately that has really gone by the way-side.

I'm sure alot of that has to do with the unpredictability of having a new baby around. Although I keep an eye on her schedule (yes, there's an app for that-and I have it!) she basically does what she wants, when she wants and I just follow along. But beyond that, I have a full time job, 2 dogs, a husband and a house to keep up with.

I have always used a to-do list. One for home and one for work. But I also used to have weekly meal and workout plans too. My to-do lists still exist, and once in awhile things actually get crossed off of them, but not like in the past. I do have a running plan I've been "trying" to follow but it hasn't worked out that well. And as for meal planning I haven't managed that in months.

I have to say all this is making me feel a bit lost, and more than a little scattered. Deep down I know that for me, if I take the time to plan I'm much more likely to succeed. So why is it so darn hard to get back in the habit? Maybe I should take these few hours before bed and think about planning for the upcoming week, or maybe I should just think abou it a little more ;-)       

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