Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gwyn's World: 9 Month Update

Holy Moly! My baby girl is 9 months old...3/4 of a year...ALREADY! I know I'll say this continuously as she grows, but my oh my the time is going quickly!

I've been watching her sleep lately and one day it dawned on me that I am suddenly the mother of a little girl, not a baby. I am starting to be able to envision what some of her mannerisms will be as a toddler. And I'm pretty sure she's gonna be a looker :-)

She still isn't crawling, or pulling up. She does however love to use my (or anyone's!) hands and with a little help gets herself to standing. This is her new favorite game, she could play it all day, and sometimes tries. She uses whatever she can get her hands on-this is how she entertained herself during my shower today.  
Operation Childproofing must be completed ASAP!

She's also getting quicker when it comes to the puppies and has started to catch a tuft of hair now and then as they stroll by her. They have no idea what they're in for!

We don't have any new teeth this month either, but we continue to add more solid foods. She gets very distracted during spoon feeding sessions and would much prefer to do it herself. I'm trying more to feed her something similar to what I'm eating-it's just easier for both of us. Plus, she hates it when you eat in front of her and don't share. Stinker.

Scrambled egg yolk & avocado
She is certainly a character-or a monkey as we all affectionately call her! She plays a game with her Daddy when he's in another room and they call back and forth to each other. We also have lot of fun with mimicking different motions and sounds. She made her first clap sound this week so she is totally obsessed with that now too. Well, sound in general.

We have made the (smooth) transition to her real crib upstairs. It was a littlle harder for us than her I think. She still falls asleep most nights in our bed and then I walk her up, but hey, we're getting there! Who doesn't love cuddling with a baby, but I don't want to end up with a toddler between the hubs and I every night. We need mommy & daddy time too!

Mandarin oranges-yum!
We have our 9-month check up next week and I have some lingering new mom questions. Poor girl has some tummy troubles that I hope she'll grow out of and I just don't know at what age you can get them allergy tested; I'm pretty sure she has some.

Classic strawberry shortcake shirt-couldn't resist a childhood favorite!
9 Month Update:
  • Added Mandarin oranges, wheat bread and veggie burgers 
  • Put away 6-9 month clothes
  • Wore shoes in public for 1st time, while attending 1st family reunion-won youngest in attendance prize!
  • Sleeping like a champ in her own room
  • LOVES: standing, clapping, feeding herself and splashing
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I already know what her birthday cake is going to be (I have to practice the decorating ahead of time!) and now that I've gotten suckered in to Pinterest I'm sure I will have far too many ideas for other cute party ideas.

89 days and counting...

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  1. Aww....she is too cute! My daughter gave up baby food around 9 months. A few tastes of what we were having and she was done with that jarred stuff. LOL! It's great she's such a good eater.

    YAY for clapping and almost standing. Soon she'll be using tables, chairs and toys to help her stand. And then it's time to baby proof the house. haha!

    You're a planner like me! I knew what I wanted to for Jordyn's first birthday months before it happened. I bet her party will be great!