Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daily Mantra

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

Ok-so I may be the last person on earth to discover Pinterest...and I haven't quite "gotten" it yet but I do enjoy all the motivational sayings and slogans and thought this would make a great daily mantra for me. Plus, this chick has killer legs-even more motivation :)

I'm planning to say it to myself each morning and night for a few weeks adding a specific goal:

Wednesday: I am determined to-Complete a Core Workout with the hubs (heading to bed satisfied very soon!)
Thursday: I am determined to-Complete a HIIT run and eat 'dairy light' (I'm working on a much longer post about that!)
Friday: I am determined to-Give my body a rest and spend some QT with G!

You get the idea. The goal(s) could be fitness, food, career, social, etc. Just a little something you want a push to ensure you do. Sometimes my to-do list gets too long and I find myself frustrated. Stripping it down to a few core things that will let me go to bed satisfied just may help with that work-life balance issue!

What are you determined to do today? Will You go to bed satisfied?


  1. I just discovered Pinterest too but have NO CLUE what I'm doing! Let me know if you figure it out!

  2. I LOVE Pinterest! I am SO addicted! The easiest way for me to describe Pinterest to you is that it's like your bookmarked page in your browser. When you see a website you like or want to remember to go back to later, you can "pin" it (just like you would bookmark it in your browser). You choose a picture to help you remember why you pinned it and a short description. You find motivational quotes, recipes, workouts, crafts, decorating ideas, etc. The cool thing about Pinterest is that you can open it on any computer, on any browser. There's even an app for iPhone too! If you need more help figuring it out, let me know. I('ll help you!

    What kind of Core Workout are you doing? I'm thinking about having me and the hubby do some kind of strength workout together but I haven't decided what yet.