Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ain't technology grand?

Hey there! I'm one frustrated chica right now...our desktop and laptop computers both crashed this past week. We braved a storm and went to Best Buy on Thursday but we're still not up and running yet. Mostly because we switched to Mac and I can't figure a darn thing out!!! All I wanna do is get a few pics off my phone so I can update you on going dairy light last week. Not to mention the first week of boot camp!

Oh well, at least I know we have something to use. I just have to climb the learning curve...hope to catch up soon :-)


  1. I LOVE my Mac! It did take a little getting used to but once I did, I fell in love with it even more!

  2. Using my iPad right now, just have to figur out file transfers for pics &i think I'm set! Yay!