Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hand in Hand Habits-Love or Divorce

Some things just go together: Baseball (Go Bucs!!) and hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly (or chocolate!), BBQ and beer...

Hiaw about bad habits-do you have any that go hand in hand? Or maybe you have one that isn't a bad habit, but goes a little too well with one that is? That is just plain tough because you almost have to give up an innocuous thing to rid yourself of the demon it's made friends with. I have a few of these:
  • Coffee and baked goods-
  • Salad (or sandwiches) and chips-Let's not fool ourselves into thinking just because the word Veggie is on the front of this package that these are anywhere near healthy. And sometimes my choice is more on the side of Doritos (they have so stinkin many flavors now!) and even though these are the "snack" bags, and I rarely eat an entire bag in one meal, the point is that I'm drawn to them every time I have a salad-or sandwich. I can't give those up...


  • Any celebration and food-For real people, we're not dogs and shouldn't "treat" ourselves with food. But every celebration somehow revolves around it, why is that?

We're not technically begging, but you know we want a treat!
So the trick is to find ways around the 'traps.' Do you avoid one thing to make sure you're not tempted by it's "mate?"

I've talked about the coffee issue before and have started to find suitable subs for all the deliciously white, loaded with sugar baked goods (protein pancakes anyone?) it makes me crave. I've also subbed fake creamer with vanilla soy milk and honestly barely noticed. I'm loving my coffee iced now too and that somehow makes a difference. So, progress made on this one.

The chip problem is a texture thing for me. I'm the one who will put chips in her sandwich and crumble them in my salad instead of croutons! I think I'll always have a chip/cracker problem but making better choices in that area is still a goal.

I say go ahead and be the foodie health nerd that brings the veggie tray or the latest healthy blog recipe you printed to the potluck, if you go home with leftovers all the better (note to self-don't make that cookie pie you were going to take to the reunion this weekend!) UPDATE-I held strong and didn't! Now I have a huge bowl of quinoa salad!

I do have a few habits that will have a long and fruitful *wink* marriage in my life.
  • Running and stretching-duh!
  • Fruit and Yogurt-hate yogurt w/o it!
  • Any celebration and my family-hate most things w/o them!

Celebrate the things you do right and look for little ways to change the ones you don't. Habits are hard to break, but it can be done, and I'm right there with ya. Dorito fingers and all!

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