Sunday, July 29, 2012

And the verdict is...

Dairy light is the winner!

So I made it a full week without any major dairy; milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese. It was a bit of a struggle at first but a few days in I realized I wasn't craving missing much. *now if only I could do the same thing with sugar I'd be all set!*

Turns out that was the easy part. The hard part has been adding it back in and trying to determine it's effects. I started with some chobani-I'd never had it before, but it was love at first spoonful, so of course I was hoping I would be able to enjoy it time and time again. I didn't notice anything major. Except deliciousness! :-) A sprinkle of kashi cereal for crunch and mm, mm good to go.

The next day I decided to splurge on a non-fat latte. Ugh-it hit me right away. Bloating, cramps, I was so hungry but couldn't bear to eat. Surprisingly this feeling stayed with me most of the day and even made my evening run tough. I also had a wedge of laughing cow cheese on my sandwich so that may have compounded things but I can't bear to blame it. I do wish I had remembered before I bought the latte, but I didn't want to have to go buy a different lunch too so I chowed down.

I had a little ice cream tonight with a milder version of the effects. I guess this will forcibly solve my ice cream addiction. So sad.

I don't think I have any sort of allergy, and I don't know what it is exactly that I'm sensitive to, but I do know that I'm paying much closer attention now. Unfortunately for my taste buds, and fortunately for my wallet, no more lattes. I'll stick to my iced coffee with vanilla soy for now. And I'll take it easy with the yogurt, leave the cheese off my sandwiches (unless it's extra flavorful like pepper jack-my favorite!)  and salads and in general, be more conscious when I'm not the one preparing my meals. I think that's good advice all around.


  1. No more ice cream...boooo :( But you can try some of the soy ice cream to get you a little fix.

    I put Cinnamon Life on my Chobani the other day and it was heaven. I wish we had more of it at home. Glad to hear Chobani stayed with you well.

    And you totally drink the same coffee I drink, I just also ass Sugar Free Hazelnut ;)

  2. Cinnamon life is delicious, I'd probably have my hand in the box all day if we had it in the house!!