Saturday, July 21, 2012

No More Moo 4 U?

Is dairy free for me?

Lactose intolerant, dairy sensitive, vegan-whatever the reason, there are a lot of people out there living without the Moo. I've been noticing a sensitivity myself lately, at least with any larger quantity. Bloating, nausea, and, ahem, other things (TMI much?). I wondered-could this just be my body's way of telling me I'd overindulged in ice cream?

So, does it really do a body good? Some say no, that with all the growth hormones and poor treatment of cattle we're better off keeping it out of our refrigerators and out of our bodies. I do not disagree with the fact that it is not essential. Dairy definitely has it's benefits but ones that can all be gotten from other food staples.

So, I had to ask myself-would I even miss it? I knew I wouldn't miss the apparent trouble it was causing. After a little more research I decided to give it a shot for a week as a sort of cleanse. That way when I add it back in it will be easy to tell just how much of my troubles stem from the moo juice.

I thought it would be easy, but when I actually started reading food labels, much to my's hidden in everything!

I have been using vanilla soymilk for quite awhile, so the plain milk part shouldn't be a problem. I make my smoothies and oatmeal with it and sometimes bake with it too. There are also some issues with soy and its potential affect on fertility, and that is certainly something I don't want to worry about, I already have issues of my own but I don't use that much. But what about yogurt, cottage cheese, laughing cow wedges and string cheese? What in the world would I snack on in the afternoon?

I think my choices (snack-wise) have been very carb heavy, but I've been going with what was already in my house. I should have planned better and made some hummus and bought more easy to pack veggies. I also made the decision to go 'dairy-light' and only cut out the obvious sources (listed above) and not worry about dairy products hidden deep in the ingredient list. It's already Saturday, so only a few more days and then I'll add a little dairy back in. Check back next week to see how I did!

Mantra Count:
Thursday-satisfied (HIIT run)
Friday-very satisfied :-) (Relaxed, and finally watched Captain America, I say watched because we could barely hear it over G's play talking!)

Family movie night!!

Saturday-determined to complete "necessary" housework and then enjoy the fact that it's the weekend!
*satisfied: clean clothes, floors, bathrooms and baby!
Sunday-determined to get back outside for a run, too much treadmill can really drag  you down!

G rides on my shins while I do reverse crunches!

Then it'll be time for bootcamp! I read about this during round 1 and am really excited to be participating in Round 2. We start Monday :)


  1. First.....YAY!!!! You decided on Bootcamp! Have you joined the Facebook group yet? Can't wait to see you in there. ;)

    I use soy milk instead of milk in things I make all the time, but I can not go dairy free. I like yogurt and cheese too much. I do have to be careful I don't go into an abundance of it because it will make me sick (same with my daughter. it's actually a bit more with her though. her dairy limit is lower than mine.)

    I can't wait to hear dairy light worked for you

  2. I do dairy free because I'm allergic to casein and whey. I feel awesome avoiding it. My boyfriend who runs half marathons pretty competitively stopped eating/drinking dairy products and he said he feels so much better during and after runs.

    I think it's a good choice, especially if you're seeing signs that you're sensitive.